tiny house SHELLS

Want to build your own tiny house, but don't want to start from scratch (like with a kit)?  Maybe a tiny house shell is the way to go.  With a shell, we essentially do the "heavy lifting" foundational and exterior work for you, leaving the interior (the fun part!) for you. Tiny house shell prices start from $29,000 to $39,000 depending upon the configurable or iconic design, floor plan and trailer options you select.


tiny house shell

Let us complete the foundational and exterior phases for you;  everything from the road to the roof to get you started.  We can stop after the "Sheathing" phase or after the "Siding" phase ("dried in") shown in the picture above;  or for an additional charge allow us to complete your "rough-in" (electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical) so you only have to focus on finishing out your tiny home's living area.